Why you should study Islamic Banking

In this video, our lecturer Siti fathona is going to explain briefly, the main five reasons that makes you study Diploma of Islamic Banking in Astin College. 

DThe Story Behind Diploma of Islamic Banking at Astin College

Let’s know more!

By Siti Fahouna

The Diploma in Islamic Banking programme, Astin College, was introduced on 2 January 2013 as one of the diploma program offered by the Astin College to disseminate knowledge and information about Islamic banking and finance and produce qualified personnel with expertise and skills in Islamic banking products and operations who can meet the requirements of this fast growing industry. The program is designed in line with the standards of similar courses offered by others institutions in Malaysia and is constantly being reviewed and updated to meet the industry dynamics. The program is a combination of general education courses, core business courses and core Islamic banking courses and accredited by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA).

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