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The Astin College’s Diploma Programme in Management was designed from the collaboration between Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) and Astin College  The programme is introduced to students as an alternative for SPM leavers to pursue their studies in Bachelor of Management (Hons.) USM.After a while, USM finally put trust in Astin College to take over and manage the Diploma in Management Programme independently as USM believed that the college was able to manage the programme entirely by using the knowledge earned from the previous collaboration.

Basically, the programme fulfils the industrial demand in which its main emphasis is on producing skilled workers from the management field in order to keep up with the business environment’s far-reaching transformation such as globalization, diversity, manufacturing sector, automation, work ethics, nature or any issue which is believed to be the utmost important in the future.

    • The programme’s objectives are to train individuals to:

      1. Define the concept of management and other related theories.
      2. Apply the management theory and practical knowledge to solve business problems.
      3. Show the understanding of entrepreneurship skills and be able to solve the issues.
      4. Demonstrate good teamwork, interpersonal communication and social skills effectively.
      5. Show a reputable and professional business ethics.
      6. Utilize the skill and lifelong learning principle in developing one’s academic and career.

The entry requirements are as follows:

  • Pass SPM, with at least credit in three (3) subjects.
  • O Level
  • Any other recognized qualifications that are

The duration of the Diploma in Management study is 2 ½ years (5 regular semesters and 2 special semesters).

To be awarded with Diploma in Management certificate, individuals are required to collect 94 credit units. Individuals are required to study full time not less than 4 semesters.

The number of units is distributed as follows:

          Basic Curriculum                                       12 units

          Basic Core Curriculum                            31 units

          Major Core Curriculum                          40 units

          General Education Subjects                 11 units

                                                                                  94 units

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Management Diploma Student

I’ve spent more than 2 years at Astin College, There’s something warm and healthy  in around. 

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Astin College is more than a college, it’s a very good place to learn more than you expect! 

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Nothing like feel that lecturers and admins are your friends and family, Astin College is a place you shall fall in love with it. 


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Astin College teaches this diploma for more than 21 years ago, and we

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