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With the expansion of media and communication industry, the field of communication studies is also growing in popularity. Communication studies encompass not just the media domain but also on human communication in all kinds of environment which includes business and management, international relations and more. With that, Diploma in Communication Program by Astin College has been developed and the programs have been offered in 2016.

The aims of our program are to provide students with foundation and vocational skills needed to prepare them to be employed in the media and communication industry. The programme covers a comprehensive range of core skills so that students will be able to identify communication transition and adapt with the new emerging media. Students will acquire all the necessary technical skills and knowledge required to immerse themselves in the various related professions.

    • Demonstrate professional and vocational skills in media and communications.
    • Apply communications models to understand the impact of change on society.
    • Identify the social, culture, global, environmental responsibilities, legal and ethical issues facing media and communications practitioner in their areas of professional activity
    • Identify the linkage between professionalism and human values in the media field through a variety of practical applications and theoretical frameworks
    • Communicate effectively individually and / or as part of a team
    • Demonstrate the ability to use media hardware and software related to digital media, journalism, advertising, broadcasting, public relations, graphic design, multimedia and photography
    • Conduct media and communication research and identify solutions for the decisions to be taken in the various communication specializations
    • Develop appropriate analytical and critical thinking skills to prepare themselves for lifelong learning
    • Demonstrate an understanding of the impact of changing media and communications technologies, policies and structures on society
    • Apply basic business and real world perspectives and demonstrate entrepreneurial skills

Pass Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) with 3 credits including English or equivalent accreditated qualification by Ministry of Higher Education

The duration of study for this Diploma in Accountancy Program are 2 ½ years full time (comprises of 5 long semester and 2 short semesters).  

To be graduated with Diploma in Communication, students are required to fulfill 93 credit units of studies, as stated below:

          Compulsory Modules                       11 credit

          Core / Major Modules                      70 credit

          Elective Discipline                             8 credit

          Industrial Training                            4 credit                     

          Total                                            93 credit

Meet the students

Management Diploma Student

I’ve spent more than 2 years at Astin College, There’s something warm and healthy  in around. 

Fekry - Diploma of Accountancy

Astin College is more than a college, it’s a very good place to learn more than you expect! 

Soue - Diploma in ISlamic Banking

Nothing like feel that lecturers and admins are your friends and family, Astin College is a place you shall fall in love with it. 


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Astin College teaches this diploma for more than 21 years ago, and we

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