Chairman Message

Kolej Astin, also known as Astin College, had a change in ownership and management in April 2011.

Since its takeover the new management has given a complete facelift by renovating and adding new facilities to the College premises for staff and students, and it has also entered into an additional collaboration with Universiti Tenaga Nasional (Uniten) to offer four Uniten degree courses. Since Astin College’s inception in 1997 it has been collaborating with Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) by way of offering USM’s diploma and degree programmes and this collaboration would continue.

In line with Malaysia’s aspiration to be a developed nation by 2020, access and provision of good quality education with the relevant skills and knowledge is of paramount importance. The Government has announced and is in the process of rolling out and implementing a number of initiatives and programmes to achieve this vision.

ASTIN College has full trust and confidence that the future of Malaysia has a close relationship with the quality and level of educational progress in the nation. Astin College is gearing up to position, complement and play its part by providing additional relevant diploma, degree and skills training courses, and it has also embarked on a marketing programme to enroll more students.

We have adequate facilities for prospective students along with a team of dedicated qualified, experienced and caring administrative and academic staff. Astin College has the dedication and ability to produce quality students for the future, equipped with robustness of knowledge and skills to face current and future challenges.

In line with the aspiration to produce knowledgeable and marketable graduates for the country, we hope to take Astin College to greater heights in the near future

Datuk Dr. Hj. Yahya Bin Hj. Baba (DPSM.KMN)
Astin College